Here are just a few of the lovely comments people have made:

I have some very positive news – I managed 16 days in a row without a single diarrhoea attack! Not only is that the longest period recently but it’s also the longest in the ten years that I’ve been afflicted with IBS.

I’ve since had a couple of minor relapses, but they have been exactly that – minor – because by comparison with how things have been for years, they have been either a single episode or a few episodes over a single day, so nothing to worry about, relatively speaking.

I’ve been listening to the CDs in the recommended sequence as well and have been finding them very helpful indeed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it has been to allow myself to be hypnotised, as I was healthily sceptical at the outset, but sceptical nonetheless.

I’ve found the process deeply relaxing and have had to try quite hard on occasion not to fall asleep at the end. That said, when I’ve listened to them first thing in the morning, I’ve found myself full of energy and raring to go with my day.

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that this is proving a real success for me. Thank you.”

Mr S. 2017

“After suffering with neck and shoulder pain for 16 years and for the last two year this pain having been a constant, I was amazed that just one session with Debbie dramatically reduced my pain. After 3 sessions the pain is almost non-existent with only the occasional flare up that does not last long.

Debbie always makes feel safe and calm when I am in her sessions, she manages to help me talk about some deeply personal things in an environment that I feel safe in and she also manages to do this in a light-hearted way without detracting from how I am feeling. I have seen numerous physiotherapists and osteopaths over the years and none of them have produced the results that Debbie has. I am hugely grateful for her work and would whole heartedly recommend her.”

Mrs C, March 2015

I just wanted to let you know that I took about 12 flights of different sizes from Airbus A380 to a small 7 seater and it was great!! After 20 years of hating flying suddenly everything’s ok! I even flew sat alone from Zimbabwe to Jo’burg as we had seats all spread about and I was fine!

Thank you so much

Mrs G, July 2014.

“After our appointment I used the EFT tapping a lot initially and it really helped. I’m back at work now and feeling better than I have felt for a long time so things are definitely looking up! I use the CD for relaxation which is really helpful and use the tapping if I feel particularly anxious before a visit. I’ve learnt to slow down generally and feel a lot more relaxed in myself.”

Miss T, May 2014

‘I visited Debbie unsure of what to expect, and approached the session with a high degree of scepticism. At the end of the session I left feeling unsure of whether or not something positive had happened. What I do know however is that I have not bought or had any cigars since my visit in July 2013.’

Mr I, Jan 2014

“Hi Debbie, It is 1 year ago today when you kindly helped me, with your skill, and very gentle persuasion through hypnosis, to stop smoking after about 50 years of the habit.  I succeeded, with a relatively small amount of stress, after trying on 4 separate times through the NHS system.  Your “relaxation” CD was a great help for the first 3 months, I found it to be a very useful support during that difficult time.

Thank you Debbie for your help and if anyone is thinking of giving up smoking I would thoroughly recommend your services.”

Mr C, Jan 2014

“I began hypnotherapy with Debbie during a terrible IBS flare up. Nothing I tried seemed to help. Taking medications was not an option for me. Debbie gave me a way to start understanding my illness, which meant I could deal with the issues in my life that were causing the problem. Hypnotherapy calmed me and helped my body heal. Debbie also taught me how to use EFT. This has been nothing short of amazing. What a difference it makes in so many aspects of my life!

My IBS is calmer than it’s been in over 12 months and my mind feels free and creative again.”

Mr L (2012)

“I had changed; I had become grumpy, irritable, and anxious, stressed and felt permanently bloated. It felt like my body was taking charge of me rather than me being in charge of my body.

Something happened at work, which was like a match to a fuse paper – tears, out of control emotion – that was when I decided enough was enough!

I attended an informative IBS hypnosis/EFT talk, given by Debbie and had no hesitation in deciding that this was the route for me.

I haven’t quite finished the course but quite simply I have my life back – nothing has changed in my life to make this happen except my IBS hypnosis therapy and EFT – and I am now back in the driving seat!

I cannot recommend highly enough the support, encouragement, patience and care that Debbie has given me throughout the course of treatment and it is so reassuring knowing that I can call on her at any time and have a ’top up’.”

Mrs R (2013)