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Stress, performance and wellbeing workshops

Is stress affecting your team? These workshops give participants an understanding of how stress can affect us all. The benefits of managing stress levels both to the individual and the business. Learn a variety of simple, effective and free “tools” which, when used regularly, can help to release tension and reduce stress, enabling you to remain calm and clear headed, improving decision making, relationships and performance.

Feedback from previous workshops

Really positive feedback from so many people who attended your session- many said they were mesmerized by your lovely voice and calming reassurance. Plus they were immediately engaged by you telling them ‘your story’ and the informality of the delivery. – PL

I picked up some really useful tips to take away with me. – DP

A really relaxing and educational event – haven’t felt so calm since the sun bed by the pool in Turkey!  – HT

Very good. This should be rolled out to all staff.  – SB

-Stress event was extremely well done.

-Lovely calm atmosphere.

-Felt relaxed immediately

-Good way to relax whilst on the go.  – HR

This was fantastic! Like nothing I have ever experienced before! This session should have been longer. I was very sceptical about this but so happy to say it actually works! I just wish that this was on prescription. Thank you, I am sure we will be in touch at some point.  –  SB

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (talk)

Have you ever wished for a simple and effective stress management tool which is literally at your fingertips? Something you can use on a daily basis to reduce your stress levels and increase your wellbeing.

Learn the basics of EFT tapping and experience how this powerful technique dissolves your tension.

Discover secret tapping – discrete tapping points you can use to remain calm, at the dentist, at an interview or any other situation when you’re feeling stress or anxiety whilst in public.

Find out how to use “the three point calmer” to recover from those “over emotional” moments. Being in control puts you in a better position to think more clearly and cope better with any stressful situation.

Hypnosis – relief for IBS (talk)

Find out more about irritable bowel syndrome. Discover how this structured hypnosis programme, which has been proven to deliver significant relief to over 70% of people who complete the programme, can also help to reduce your symptoms.

Discover how hypnosis, in addition to gently guiding you away from the physical symptoms of IBS, can help you to rebuild your energy levels, confidence, and emotional reserves, allowing you to enjoy life free from the worries of IBS.

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