Pain Release

Pain the messenger

Pain is our body’s method of communication. It lets us know that something’s not right and needs attention. Pain discourages us from activities which may do us further harm and in that way protects us from further injury.

Given all the right conditions our body can often heal by its self, however sometimes, we hold onto the sensation of pain long after any physical cause has healed. Pain can become “stuck” for a variety of reasons, stress, trauma, subconscious beliefs or unresolved emotions can all contribute to holding on to pain we no longer need.

The reason we develop chronic (long term) pain is often outside our conscious awareness and therefore using techniques which work with the subconscious parts of our mind can be very effective in reducing and releasing pain.

Are you holding onto old pain which you no longer need?

Whatever the diagnosis or cause of your pain: if you are experiencing long term pain. Exploring the mind-body connection offers a different perspective on pain and pain release. Both EFT tapping and hypnosis are powerful techniques which can help you to listen to your body and to release both the physical and emotional aspects of your pain.

How do I find out more?

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