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JANUARY 2015          


Have you resolved to stay calm and in control in 2015? Do you want to reduce the effects of stress on your health?  Joining our EFT tapping circle or taking part in the workshops “Stress relief for Busy People” may be the starting point you’re looking for – helping you to improve your well-being in the coming year.

New EFT Tapping Circle        

…..tapping into well-being using your own fingertips

Snowdrops Would you like to use EFT tapping on a regular basis but lack the motivation to tap by yourself?  I will be starting a new Tapping Circle on Tuesday evening beginning in January 2015. Tapping is a fantastic tool, ideal for working on almost any problem. Within a group EFT can be completely content free to retain privacy and you can even benefit from tapping along with someone else’s issue! You don’t need to be an experienced “tapper” to join – even if you’ve never used EFT tapping before you can still benefit from learning the techniques and taking part.

The tapping circle will meet fortnightly on a Tuesday evening from 7.15 till 9 pm.

Meeting dates: – January 13 and 27, February 10 and 24 then March 3. All 5 sessions £60. Reserve your place by contacting me at

(Note: If you wish to take part but would be unable to pay for all 5 sessions in one payment – please contact me to make alternative arrangements).

 Stress relief for busy people – workshops           

Are you feeling the effects of stress and overwhelm, but far too busy to meditate?  Do you need stress relief tools you can use whilst on the go? Then this course is for you!

Debbie front pageLearn about stress and practice a range of useful and effective stress relief techniques which will fit easily into your day to day life, helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

This series of three small, friendly and interactive workshops will be held at York Natural Health clinic on Monday evenings 26 January, 2 and 9 February from 7.30 till 9 pm  All three workshops £36.

Reserve your place by contacting me at,

Phone / text: 07949 174359.


Is stress affecting your health and well-being?

This time of year can be a stressful and challenging time for many people.

As a therapist I have explored many simple and effective ways to reduce stress and maintain a sense of inner calm: from breathing to EFT tapping, hypnosis, anchors, mini meditations, attitude and even use of language.

To help you feel calm through the festive period and beyond I have designed a series of three interactive workshops. In these workshops you can discover more about stress and why it’s so important to retain your inner peace – whatever is going on around you.  I share with you my favourite ways to reduce stress: a “toolbox” of simple and free techniques which you can use whenever you need to feel in control.

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and you would like to discover ways to stay calm and in control, these fun, friendly and interactive workshops are for you:

Regain Your Calm @ York Natural Health, 36 York Road, Acomb, York, YO24 4LZ

25 November, 2 and 9 December from 7.30 – 9pm

£36 for all three workshops

Places are limited, therefore if you wish to join us, reserve your place by sending me an email

PS. If these workshops sound interesting but the thought of turning out on a cold December night is putting you off, I will be happy to run morning workshops if there are enough enquiries – just send me an email.


I have recently developed a workshop specifically aimed at holistic practitioners and heart centred business owners, who wish to grow their business.  It came about through talks with colleagues about how we sometimes harbour unhelpful beliefs and behaviours towards our finances whilst working as practitioners.  I recently ran the workshop with colleagues and had very positive feedback on how it helped them focus their energies and clear blocks surrounding money within their business.

The course takes a very practical approach using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and hypnosis principals to help support practitioners to identify and let go of unconscious beliefs which may be blocking their success.

The full day workshop is planned for Sunday 19th October at the Tithe Barn in Poppleton.  It will be for no more than 8 attendees, with lunch included and a host of takeaway materials to maintain momentum after the event.


As part of the York 50+ festival programme at York Natural Health on Monday 29 September from 7.30 to 9.00 pm,  I will again be joined by Jenny Gilmore to present the popular workshop “Tap away tension – feel good!” an introduction to EFT tapping

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the basics of EFT tapping and have a go at using tapping points to reduce tension to feel the benefits of using this simple and effective technique.

Discover secret tapping – discrete tapping points you can use to remain calm, at the dentist, at an interview or any other situation when you’re feeling stress or anxiety whilst in public.

Add the three point calmer to your toolbox – tapping points which will calm you during those “over emotional” moments. Being in control puts you in a better position to think more clearly and cope better with any stressful situation.

Again the cost of this evening is a donation of non perishable foodstuffs for the Trussell Trust Foodbank in Acomb (suggested min value £5) see their website for suggestions of items currently needed

If you’d like to come along please reserve your place by contacting Jenny Gilmore… phone/text…07749706127  or Debbie Pogson ….phone/ text 07949 174359 or email

Please note that the venue is upstairs.

MARCH 2014

For York International Women’s Week – “Tap away Tension”

If you missed this workshop as part of the York 50+ festival here’s another chance to join me and Jenny Gilmore for this interactive workshop. Learn to use EFT, a fast free and effective technique which is always at your fingertips to help you reduce stress and tension.

Time:    Monday 10 March from 7.30 till 9.00 pm.

Venue: York Natural Health, 36 York Road, Acomb, YO24 4LZ.

Cost:    A donation of non-perishable food for Gateway Food-bank (suggested value £5).

NB:       Numbers are limited, to book your place contact me soon.


On Tuesday 12 November I will be at the Ryedale Federation of Holistic Therapies at The Memorial Hall in Pickering. My talk entitled “EFT – magic at your fingertips” is an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques. The evening begins at 7.30 pm and is open to anyone. Find out more here.


Embracing the Change – Naturally

This informative five session course has been specifically written for women who are in or approaching menopause, it includes:

  • Challenging you to view the second half of your life positively
  • Simple, everyday stress management techniques
  • EFT to relieve physical and emotional menopausal symptoms
  • Nutrition for healthy menopause
  • A series of guided visualisations

See full course programme here

If you missed this course this time round – contact me for planned dates for 2014.

Cost: £23 per class or £100 for all 5 sessions – includes guided visualisation CDs


50+ festival events – Tap Away Tension50+ Fest Logo

As part of the York 50+ festival, EFT Practitioners Jenny Gilmore and Debbie Pogson present “Tap away Tension”. This talk is a great introduction for people who are new to EFT. Learn to use this fantastic, free and effective tool to help you relieve everyday stress and tension.

Monday 30 September 7.30 until 9 pm – With Debbie Pogson

Sunday 6 October 10.30 until 12 noon – With Jenny Gilmore.

Cost: To attend either of these events please bring non-perishable foodstuff (suggested value £5). Donations will be taken to Gateway food-bank in Acomb. Contact me to reserve your place.  or phone/text 07949 174359