IBS relief

Hypnosis is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to help people with IBS.

Imagine being free from the symptoms of IBS, how would your life be different?

  • Is IBS having an impact on your work, travel, leisure activities, relationships, energy and confidence?
  • Diarrhoea, pain, constipation and bloating are common symptoms, are you finding them physically and emotionally draining?
  • Have you been diagnosed with IBS, tried all sorts of medication without success and are feeling frustrated and unsupported in your search for relief from your symptoms?
  • Did you know there is hypnosis programme which has been successfully used to relieve IBS symptoms for over 20 years?
  • Over 70% of participants who completed this structured programme reported significant and sustained improvement in their condition and overall well-being.

Could IBS relief using hypnosis be the answer for you?

  • This structured programme uses hypnosis not only to address the physical symptoms but also to help you rebuild your energy levels, confidence and emotional reserves so that you can enjoy a normal life again.
  • In addition to guiding you through the hypnosis programme, you will learn to use EFT tapping. This is a tool you can use daily to reduce the effects of stress on your system.

What does the programme involve?

The programme consists of an initial consultation of approximately one hour duration plus 5 or 6* further one to one appointments at designated intervals over a 12 week period. Following each appointment a CD is provided along with a daily listening schedule, to achieve the best results from the programme it is important to listen to the appropriate CD each day.

* An extra appointment is normally required for ladies who find that their symptoms are related to their monthly cycle.

Would you like more information?

Contact me to book a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you decide whether this is the right approach for you.

Debbie.pogson@gmail.com   07949 174359

Note:  “Hypnosis relief for IBS”  is both a great introduction to the programme and an opportunity to ask questions.  Please see the talks and groups page or email me for planned dates or to arrange for me to present this talk to your group.

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