Emotional Support

for when life is challenging

Feeling increased stress and overwhelm?

Sometimes life throws a lot at us, we can easily become overwhelmed by everything we need to juggle and deal with, for instance:

  • family or relationship issues
  • physical or emotional health concerns
  • major or minor traumatic experiences
  • natural body changes (pregnancy, menopause or ageing)
  • pressures at work or college
  • juggling caring responsibilities
  • finding lock-down difficult or worrying excessively about the risks of Covid-19.

Noticing physical symptoms?

When under pressure we may start to notice physical symptoms of stress: fatigue, digestive issues, high blood pressure, compromised immune systems. We may feel anxious, over-emotional, irritable or angry and be unable to think clearly. We might turn to unhelpful coping strategies, over-eating or drinking too much. We may feel stuck, lacking motivation or sabotaging our own best efforts. We may feel depressed about the future, not able to see the way forwards and it can sometimes be difficult to manage day to day tasks.

Needing support?

I have many year’s experience supporting clients through challenging times. My priority is to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the sessions, allowing you to acknowledge and explore how you feel. I enjoy showing clients how to use EFT (tapping), a blend of talk therapy and acupressure, which provides a simple and effective way to relieve stress, calm excess emotions, reduce anxiety, it allows you to look at your situation from a calm space enabling you to see things from a clearer and more helpful perspective.

Things clients have said:

“I had changed; I had become grumpy, irritable, and anxious, stressed. Something happened at work, which was like a match to a fuse paper; tears, out of control emotion, that was when I decided enough was enough! I cannot recommend highly enough the support, encouragement, patience and care that Debbie has given me and now quite simply, I have my life back. Nothing else changed in my life to make this happen except my hypnosis and EFT. Now I’m back in the driving seat and enjoying life!”

“After our appointment I used the EFT tapping a lot initially and it really helped. I’m back at work now and feeling better than I have felt for a long time so things are definitely looking up! I use the CD for relaxation which is really helpful and use the tapping if I feel particularly anxious. I’ve learnt to slow down generally and feel a lot more relaxed in myself.”