EFT – Tapping

What is EFT?

EFT brings together talk therapy and acupressure techniques to provide a simple and effective way to relieve stress, heal emotional wounds, remove fears and help you see things from a clearer perspective.

Research shows that stress, tension and emotional trauma contribute to pain and disease. EFT is able to ease tension and reduce the impact of memories that trigger emotional distress, allowing the body to rebalance and heal.

EFT has been shown to provide relief from a range of emotional and physical issues, stress related health problems, fears, phobias, retained pain, cravings, trauma and anxieties.

EFT is surprising

It is sometimes difficult to explain EFT and most people “get it” through experience!

EFT can help to clear old traumas and change out of date beliefs. It can be amazing how much the body can change when old anger, sadness, grief, guilt or other suppressed emotions are released, many people notice that physical ailments start to fade too.

EFT is easy to learn

EFT can be used by everybody – we all have the tools we need at our fingertips – quite literally!

In EFT we use words to tune into a specific aspect of a problem whilst tapping on acupressure points to clear it.

Once you learn to use EFT, you can practice alone or with a tapping partner whenever you need to and can achieve excellent results. For complex or deep seated issues it is best to work on a one to one basis with a qualified practitioner who will support you emotionally, help you to remain focused and offer insight if you become stuck.

EFT – breaking the link between stress and disease

Stress and pressure are not caused by the events in our lives but by the stories we tell ourselves about those events and how that makes us feel. It is our feelings that determine how we cope physically and mentally. Our feelings are shaped by our beliefs about ourselves and about the world in general. Many of these beliefs were formed in early childhood and may now be out of date and not very helpful. EFT and hypnotherapy can help us update these subconscious beliefs about ourselves or past events, allowing us to see our past, present and future from a different, more useful perspective and to move forward in the way that we wish.

When under pressure, a few rounds of EFT provide an ideal way to help you feel calm, think clearly and act resourcefully. Everyday stress may take fewer tolls on your system when you regularly use this potent stress-reduction tool, which can easily be taken out of the therapy room and used in day to day situations.

EFT is versatile

You can apply EFT to just about everything, using the same basic procedure whether you are releasing pain, feeling overwhelmed, or wish to banish a fear of public speaking. EFT has shown successful outcomes for many emotional issues, including fear, trauma, depression, and prolonged grief. The reason it works for so many different issues is that there is an element of emotional tension or stress in nearly all our problems and it is that component on which EFT works best.


Like any other therapy, medicine or treatment, EFT is not a universal panacea and it does not have a 100% success rate but it usually works reliably. Case histories show that the results can be spectacular.

To discuss how an EFT therapy session could benefit you, contact me to book a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

Debbie.pogson@gmail.com   07949 174359

Practising at York Natural Health, 36 York Road, Acomb, York, Yo24 4LZ


If you have any concerns about your health it is essential that you consult your doctor or mental health practitioner. EFT is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. Please share your experiences with EFT with your healthcare providers.

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